Episode 308: Andy Edwards Interview

This is the 308th edition of the Epileptic Gibbon podcast music show and the playlist to accompany it. You can CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD but note the shows are large files. The show is also available to stream via Mixcloud and the Progzilla Radio Network (the show appears on Progzilla in alternate weeks). This show focuses on an interview with drummer and composer Andy Edwards. You can expect a typically great mixture of music on this show, as we talk to Andy, play tracks from throughout his drumming career, and also play some of his favourite music by other artists and bands. We also continue with our new ongoing ‘Corea Talks’ feature, as we get Andy to pick his favourite track by the late, great Chick Corea. In addition, we’ll also have new music from The Dowling Poole and Fredo Viola. Below you’ll find the track list, plus weblinks from where you can find more information about each artist.

Total running time: 2 hours and 19 minutes. Downloaded file is 127.6 MB

1. Slow Genocide (4.43) The Dowling Poole (feat. Tony Wright) (Single available via 369music.bandcamp.com/track/slow-genocide-feat-tony-wright; see also thedowlingpoole.com/)

2. Hyperventilate (7:32) Frost* (Taken from the album ‘Milliontown’; see frost.life & www.facebook.com/frostlife/)

3. Dancing with Shadows (6:43) Kundabuffa (Taken from the album ‘Beauty is the Beginning of Terror’; see andyedwards.bandcamp.com/album/beauty-is-the-beginning-of-terror & www.facebook.com/kundabuffa/)

Interview with Andy Edwards

4. Unsquare Dance (2:07) – The Dave Brubeck Quartet (Taken from the album ‘Time Further Out’; see davebrubeck.com/)

5. Hot Rock (4:37) – Cozy Powell (Taken from the album ‘Tilt’; see www.cozypowell.com/)

6. Houses Of The Holy (4:02) – Led Zeppelin (Taken from the album ‘Physical Graffiti’; see www.ledzeppelin.com/www.facebook.com/ledzeppelin)

7. Andy Edwards introduces his choice for our ongoing feature ‘Corea Talks’ (2:04)

8. Nite Sprite (4:32) – Chick Corea (Taken from the album ‘The Leprechaun’; see chickcorea.com)

9. The Anxiety Daemon (9:20) – Andy Edwards (Taken from the album ‘Daemon’; see andyedwards.bandcamp.com/album/daemon & www.facebook.com/andy.edwards.drummer/)  

10. When You’re Ugly (3:11) – Louis Cole (feat. Genevieve Artadi) (Taken from the album ‘Time’; see louiscole.bandcamp.com/album/time-2 & www.facebook.com/LouisColeRules)

11. Ryker Skies (9:45) – IQ (Taken from the album ‘Frequency’; see www.iq-hq.co.uk/ & www.facebook.com/IQHQLive)

12. The Neurosis Daemon (11:25) – Andy Edwards (Taken from the album ‘Daemon’; see andyedwards.bandcamp.com/album/daemon & www.facebook.com/andy.edwards.drummer/)

13. Worship (3:38) – Praxis (Taken from the album ‘Profanation: Preparation For a Coming Darkness’; see billlaswell.bandcamp.com/album/profanation-preparation-for-a-coming-darkness)

14. Spirit Of The Father (4:29) – Akira The Don (Taken from the album ‘JBPWAVE: Father’; see akirathedon.bandcamp.com/album/jbpwave-father)

15. Devils Will Reign (7:02) – Rain (Taken from the album ‘Singularity’; rainprogband.bandcamp.com/album/singularity & www.facebook.com/RAINprogband)

16. Open Hearted (3:13) – Kundabuffa (Taken from the album ‘Magic’; see andyedwards.bandcamp.com/album/magic & www.facebook.com/kundabuffa/)

17. Clouded Mirror (4:01) – Fredo Viola (Taken from the album ‘My New Head’; see fredoviola.bandcamp.com/album/my-new-head & www.fredoviola.com/fredo-viola)

Thanks to all the musicians who contributed to this show, particularly to Andy Edwards for agreeing to do the interview and choosing so much of the music, and to all listeners. Send us comments if you like what you hear (or even if you don’t… feedback is so important!). If you want to keep up to date with news about the show, EppyFest, or just chat with other listeners, don’t forget that there’s a Facebook group – just search for the Eppy Gibbon Podcast Show on Facebook and request to join, plus don’t forget that we’re now part of the Progzilla Radio Network. Eppy will be back again next time, when all being well you’ll hear another interview, this time with audio-visual artist, singer and composer Fredo Viola. It should be a wonderful show so we hope to see you back again then.



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