Episode 264: From Venus With Love

This is the 264th edition of the Epileptic Gibbon podcast music show and the playlist to accompany it. You should be able to CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD but note the shows are large files & this may not be the best way to listen. The show is also available to stream via Mixcloud and the Progzilla Radio Network (the show appears on Progzilla in alternate weeks). Following the last show, where I offered part 1 of my ‘best of the rest of 2018’, this show has less of an overall theme to it. There’s no feature album for this show, but there is a theme of sorts, with four tracks about outer space scattered throughout the playlist. Otherwise there will be lots of new 2019 music, plus the occasional step back into the past, even going as far back as 1959, and we’ll be covering the usual diverse selection of styles and genres so hopefully you will find much to enjoy. Below you’ll find the track list, plus weblinks from where you can find more information about each artist.

Total running time: 2 hours and 26 minutes. Downloaded file is 133.3 MB.

1. Dawn Chorus (3:06) – Cosmo Sheldrake (Single available to buy via cosmosheldrake.bandcamp.com/track/dawn-chorus; see also www.cosmosheldrake.com)

As part of the feature ‘The 80s Weren’t All Rubbish You Know’:

2. Big Love (3:44) – Fleetwood Mac (Taken from the album ‘Tango In the Night (Deluxe Edition)’; see www.fleetwoodmac.com & www.facebook.com/FleetwoodMac/)

3. Estranged (4:26) – Paul Morricone (Taken from the album ‘The Dissolving Man’; see paulmorricone.com/ & paulmorricone.bandcamp.com/album/the-dissolving-man)

4. Questions (6:26) – Andy Pickford (Taken from the album ‘Replicant’; see andypickford1.bandcamp.com/album/replicant & www.facebook.com/AndyPickfordMusic)

5. She’s a Gun (2:24) – Godcaster (Single available to buy via godcaster.bandcamp.com/album/shes-a-gun-single; see also www.facebook.com/godcasterband/

6. Rasputin (3:34) – The Living (Taken from the album ‘human/kind’; see theliving.bandcamp.com/album/human-kind, theliving.ca/, & www.facebook.com/lifebelongstotheliving)

7. Circles (8:14) – We Are Kin (Taken from the album ‘Bruised Sky’; see wearekin.bandcamp.com/album/bruised-sky & www.facebook.com/wearekinband/)

8. King Buddha (4:49) – Lord HAHA (Taken from the album ‘Lord HAHA’; see lordhaha13.bandcamp.com/album/lord-haha & www.facebook.com/lordhaha.esquire/)  

9. Loki Had Been Drinking (6:19) – Duir (Taken from the album ‘Sodden Dogs And Blind, Winged Horses’; see duir1.bandcamp.com/album/sodden-dogs-and-blind-winged-horses)

10. Dark Park (4:03) – Rozi Plain (Taken from the album ‘What A Boost’; see roziplain.bandcamp.com, roziplain.co.uk/ & www.facebook.com/roziplain/)

11. The Garden (7:18) – Brad Mehldau (Taken from the album ‘Finding Gabriel’; see www.bradmehldau.com, www.nonesuch.com/journal/brad-mehldau-new-album-finding-gabriel-due-may-17-nonesuch-records-2019-04-02 & www.facebook.com/BradMehldau/)

12. I, Octopus (4:05) – Úna Quinn (Taken from the album ‘Inside Out’; see uquinn.bandcamp.com/album/inside-out)

13. The Synthesiser Service Centre Super Summer Sale (3:51) – The Divine Comedy (Taken from the album Office Politics’; see www.thedivinecomedy.com/ & www.facebook.com/divinecomedyhq/)

14. Whirling (2:33) – Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan (Originally from the album The Fascinating World Of Electronic Music but in this case the track was taken from the compilation ‘Incantations For Tape’ – see soundmiraclerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/incantations-for-tape; see also clone.nl/item51192.html)  

15. Autumn’s Left Quieter (4:17) – Tony Patterson & Doug Melbourne (Taken from the album ‘The Divide’; see www.cherryred.co.uk/product/tony-patterson-doug-melbourne-the-divide-cd/ & www.onemorething-music.uk/)

16. Heroes (4:44) – Himmelsgräns (Taken from the ‘Heroes’ EP; see  www.facebook.com/himmelsgrans/)

17. I Am The Wave (3:05) – Richard Wileman (Taken from the mini-album Cabal Of A Thousand Souls’; see richardwileman.bandcamp.com, kardaestra.wordpress.com & www.facebook.com/kardaestra/)

18. The Elemental (6:46) – Gong (Taken from the album ‘The Universe Also Collapses’; see www.gongband.com/ & www.planetgong.co.uk)

19. Mare Imbrium (9:29) – Starcluster (Single available to download via www.jamendo.com/track/1663515/mare-imbrium; see also www.facebook.com/StarclusterOfficial/)

20. Patterns Of Light (3:21) – Tom Slatter (Taken from the album Demon’; see tomslatter.co.uk/, tomslatter.bandcamp.com/album/demon & www.facebook.com/tomslattermusic/)

21. Symmetrical (4:30) – Rozi Plain (Taken from the album ‘What A Boost’; see roziplain.bandcamp.com, roziplain.co.uk/ & www.facebook.com/roziplain/)

22. Rat Cure Death Proof (2:59) – Godcaster (Single available to buy via godcaster.bandcamp.com/album/shes-a-gun-single; see also www.facebook.com/godcasterband/

23. Three Suns (2:28) – Segun Akinola (Taken from the album ‘Doctor Who: Series 11’; see www.segunakinola.com, www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/doctorwho/entries/0b242939-4cc6-471d-8924-a9ed43d4457a & www.facebook.com/segunakinolacomposer/)

24. Outer Space (3:15)  John Grant (Taken from the album ‘Queen of Denmark’; see johngrantmusic.com/ & www.facebook.com/johngrantmusic/)

25. I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon (5:05) – Ben Darwish (Taken from the ‘I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon’ EP; see bendarwish.bandcamp.com, www.bendarwish.com & www.facebook.com/bendarwish)

26. Owl Song (3:30) – Cosmo Sheldrake (Single available to buy via cosmosheldrake.bandcamp.com/album/owl-song; see also www.cosmosheldrake.com)

Thanks to all the musicians who contributed and to all listeners. Send us comments if you like what you hear (or even if you don’t… feedback is so important!). If you want to keep up to date with news about the show, EppyFest, or just chat with other listeners, don’t forget that there’s a Facebook group – just search for the Eppy Gibbon Podcast Show on Facebook and request to join, plus don’t forget that we’re now part of the Progzilla Radio Network. I’ll be back next time with a show that I’m hoping will be based around an interview, as long as I can get my arse in gear and write the questions. Either way, I’ll be back so I hope you’ll join me then.

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