Episode 237: Nice and Easy Does It

This is the 237th edition of the Epileptic Gibbon podcast music show and the playlist to accompany it. You may be able to CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD but note the shows are large files & this may not be the best way to listen. If you prefer, you can subscribe to the show via iTunes by sticking feeds2.feedburner.com/TheEpilepticGibbonPodcastMusicShow into the ‘Subscribe to podcast’ area & then you’ll get the new shows as they become available. The show is also available to stream via Mixcloud and the Progzilla Radio Network (the show appears on Progzilla in alternate weeks). This show had to be put together somewhat on the hoof, but you probably won’t tell the difference (make of that what you will!). I’ll be focusing largely on new music from 2018, but with the occasional diversion into the past. As part of the latter we have a feature album, which is ‘The Best of The Nice’, the 1993 compilation covering highlights of the English progressive rock band The Nice so you’ll hear three tracks from that. And otherwise we’ll be covering the usual diverse selection of styles and genres, plus there’s a final nod to EppyFest 7 which is very nearly upon us. Below you’ll find the track list, plus weblinks from where you can find more information about each artist.

Total running time: 2 hours & 25 minutes. Downloaded file is 133 MB.

1. Flowers In The Rain (2:42) – The Move (Taken from the album ‘Move (2016 Remastered & Expanded Esoteric Recordings Edition)’; see www.brumbeat.net/move.htm & www.roywood.co.uk/

2. The Magnificent Moon (8:52) – Mildlife (Taken from the album ‘Phase’; see mildlife.com.au/mildlife.bandcamp.com & www.facebook.com/Mildlife

3. The Latest News (4:13) – Annabel (lee) (Taken from the EP ‘From This Side′; see annabel-lee.bandcamp.com/album/from-this-side, ninjatune.net/artist/annabel-leewww.facebook.com/solitaryplaces/)

4. The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack (2:49) – The Nice (Taken from the album ‘The Best of The Nice’; see thenice.org.uk/)

5. Perfect Babies (4:43) – 3RDegree (Taken from the album ‘Ones & Zeros: vol. 0’; see 3rdegree.bandcamp.com/album/ones-zeros-vol-0, www.3rdegreeonline.com/3RDegree/Landing.htmlwww.facebook.com/3RDegree)

6. A Sick Boy (9:44) – Jack O’ The Clock (Taken from the album ‘Repetitions of the Old City – II; see jackotheclock.bandcamp.com/, jackotheclock.com/Jack_O_The_Clock.htmlwww.facebook.com/JackOTheClock/?fref=ts)

7. Manhoo (5:00) – The 180Gs (Taken from the album ‘Singin’ to God′; see davidminnick1.bandcamp.com/album/singin-to-god)

8. Heavenly Bodies (5:13) – Once and Future Band (Taken from the ‘Brain’ EP; see www.facebook.com/OnceAndFutureBand)

9. Verdant (3:45) – Olden Yolk (Taken from the album ‘Olden Yolk’; see oldenyolk.bandcamp.com & www.facebook.com/oldenyolk)

10. Journey By Water (3:58) – Entourage (Taken from the album ‘Ceremony of Dreams: Studio Sessions & Outtakes, 1972-1977’; see tompkinssquare.bandcamp.com/album/ceremony-of-dreams-studio-sessions-outtakes-1972-1977 & wallmatthewsmusic.com/)

11. To Asia (3:24) – After The Flood (Taken from the album ‘After The Flood’; see www.neilcampbell.org.uk/ & neilcampbell.bandcamp.com/album/after-the-flood)

12. EppyFest promo (2:00) (You can see Neil Campbell from After The Flood at EppyFest 7 on 27th July; see eppyfest.co.uk/ for more details about the event and buying tickets, and you can also watch the video that accompanies this promo via www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBkJ4uH8gYQ)

13. America and Second Amendment (6:21) – The Nice (Taken from the album ‘The Best of The Nice’; see thenice.org.uk/)

14. Titanic (4:15) – Katie Haverly (Taken from the album ‘Pluto’; see katiehaverly.bandcamp.com/album/pluto & www.facebook.com/katiehaverlymusic/)

15. Answerphone (3:09) – Judy Dyble (Taken from the album ‘Earth Is Sleeping’; see judydyble.com/, hyperurl.co/EarthIsSleeping & www.facebook.com/judydybleofficial/)

As part of the feature, ‘The 80s Weren’t All Rubbish You Know!’ …

16. Elephant Talk (4:43) – King Crimson (Taken from the album ‘Discipline’; see www.dgmlive.com & www.facebook.com/kingcrimsonofficial/?fref=ts)

17. Still Fighting Gravity (5:24) – Argos (Taken from the album ‘Unidentified Dying Objects’; see argos.bandcamp.com/album/unidentified-dying-objects & www.facebook.com/Argos.Band.Germany/)

18. Revealed As A True Future Tyrant (5:30) Regal Worm (Taken from the album ‘Pig Views’; see regalworm.bandcamp.com/album/pig-views, regalworm.com/Hail.htmlwww.facebook.com/regalworm)

19. Clarity (3:59) – The Kentish Spires (Taken from the album ‘The Last Harvest’; see thekentishspires.bandcamp.com/releases & www.facebook.com/TheKentishSpires/)

20. England 2 Columbia 0 (3:46) Kirsty MacColl (Taken from the album ‘Tropical Brainstorm′; see www.kirstymaccoll.com)

21. Think Inside The Box (8:08) – Esse Quam Videri (Taken from the album ‘Untold Stories’; see eqv.lnk.to/untoldstories & www.facebook.com/essequamvideri7/)

22. Lallulow (4:49) – Todd Tobias & Chloe March (Single, currently available to download via chloemarch.bandcamp.com/track/lallulow and taken from the forthcoming album ‘Amialluma’; see also www.chloemarch.co.uk/, toddtobiasmusic.bandcamp.com & www.hiddenshoal.com/project/todd-tobias/)

23. Together (8:32) – Benjamin Louis Brody (Taken from the album ‘Far Away Music’; see preservedsound.bandcamp.com/album/far-away-musicwww.benbrodymusic.com & www.facebook.com/benjaminlouisbrody/)

24. Hang on to a Dream (4:48) – The Nice (Taken from the album ‘The Best of The Nice’; see thenice.org.uk/)

25. Good Man (7:52) Husky Rescue (Taken from the album ‘Country Falls’; see shop.elcaminorecords.com/collections/all & www.facebook.com/huskyrescueofficial/)

Thanks to all the musicians who contributed and to all listeners. Send us comments if you like what you hear (or even if you don’t… feedback is so important!). If you want to keep up to date with news about the show, EppyFest, or just chat with other listeners, don’t forget that there’s a Facebook group – just search for the Eppy Gibbon Podcast Show on Facebook and request to join, plus don’t forget that we’re now part of the Progzilla Radio Network. We’ll see you for a new show after EppyFest 7, covering the usual eclectic mixture of styles and genres.


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