Episode 157: A Chorus of Frogs

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This is the 157th edition of the Epileptic Gibbon podcast music show and the playlist to accompany it. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. The show is also available via Mixcloud here and the Progzilla Radio Network soon (the show is now appearing on Progzilla in alternate weeks). Your usual host, Eppy, is busy preparing for EppyFest 4, so Rebsie & Daniel from Alchymical Muse have kindly stepped in again to bring you another of their takes on the Eppy Gibbon show. You can expect a typically eclectic musical mix, including a feature album, ‘Reflets’, the 1970 album by the Breton singer and harpist  Alan Stivell, and there will be three tracks from that, plus there’ll be some folk, some prog rock, some electronica, some psychedelia & more besides. Below you’ll find the track list, plus weblinks from where you can find more information about each artist.

Total running time: 2 hours & 12 minutes. Downloaded file is 120.91 MB.

1. Terra (2:40) – Uakti (Taken from the album ‘iChing’; the official Uakti website is www.uakti.com.br/ but doesn’t currently have much information on it so for more information see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uakti_(band))

2. Endless Festival (4:05) – Anne Dudley & Jaz Coleman (Taken from the album ‘Songs from the Victorious City’; see www.annedudley.co.uk)

3. Dame Fortune (2:40) – Andy Partridge (Taken from the album ‘Fuzzy Warbles vol.1’; see www.ape.uk.net/)

4. Britain is a Car Park (4:40) – Eliza Carthy (Taken from the album ‘Neptune; see www.eliza-carthy.com/www.facebook.com/elizacarthy & www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/19205396-3f90-4a8b-b085-a795df242a62)

5. Reflets (4:22) – Alan Stivell (Taken from the album Reflets; see www.alanstivell.com & www.facebook.com/AlanStivell.Official)

6. Owls in the Apple Tree (4:29) – Legion of Green Men (Taken from the album ‘Floating in Shallow Water’; see logm.bandcamp.com/album/floating-in-shallow-water, www.facebook.com/legionofgreenmen & soundcloud.com/legion-of-green-men)

7. Thyossane (3:57) – François Rabbath (Taken from the album ‘Multi Bass 70’; see www.liben.com/rabbathcont.html & www.cdbaby.com/Artist/FrancoisRabbath1)

8. ’Tis a Pity She was a Whore (5:30) – David Bowie  (Taken from the single ‘Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)’; see www.davidbowie.com/news/tis-pity-she-was-whore-available-now-53721 & www.facebook.com/davidbowie)

9. Sleeping Beauty (4:56) – Emily Portman (Taken from the album ‘Hatchling’; see www.emilyportman.co.uk, emilyportman.bandcamp.com & www.facebook.com/emilygportman)

10. Windflower (5:49) – Telling the Bees (Taken from the album ‘Steer By The Stars’; see www.tellingthebees.co.uk/tellingthebees.bandcamp.com/releases & www.facebook.com/tellingthebees)

As part of the feature, ‘The 80s Weren’t All Rubbish You Know!’ …

11. Coward’s Way (3:54) – Lowlife (Taken from the album ‘Permanent Sleep/Rain’; see www.ltmrecordings.com/lowlife.html  & www.last.fm/music/Lowlife)

12. The Grass Still Grows (3:41) – Modern Eon (Taken from the album Fiction Tales; see www.soulsaw.com/modern-eon/)

13. Silvestrig (3:03) – Alan Stivell (Taken from the album Reflets; see www.alanstivell.com & www.facebook.com/AlanStivell.Official)

14. The Mole from the Ministry (5:10) – The Dukes of Stratosphear (Taken from the album 25 O’Clock; see www.ape.uk.net/)

15. Seven White Horses (4:24) – Hundred Waters (Taken from the album ‘The Moon Rang like a Bell’; see www.hundred-waters.com/soundcloud.com/hundredwaters & www.facebook.com/hundredwaters)

16. Spiral (6:57) – Vangelis (Taken from the album ‘Spiral’; see www.vangeliscollector.com/, www.elsew.com/ & www.last.fm/music/Vangelis)

17. An Roghainn (3:33) – Fiona Mackenzie (Taken from the album ‘Elevate’; see www.fionamackenzie.com/ & www.linnrecords.com/artist-fiona-mackenzie.aspx)

18. Rainy Day (3:16) – Spontaneous Combustion (Taken from the album ‘Triad’; see shop.cherryred.co.uk/esoteric-exd.asp?id=3785)

19. Je Suis Né Au Milieu De La Mer (4:00) – Alan Stivell (Taken from the album Reflets; see www.alanstivell.com & www.facebook.com/AlanStivell.Official)

20. A Winter Hunt (7:53) – The Blossom (Taken from the album The Shepherd’s Calendar; see www.medievalrecords.co.uk/blossom.html, theblossom.bandcamp.com/releases & www.cdbaby.com/cd/theblossom)

21. Mind Me (4:17) – Jenny Lysander (Taken from the album ‘Northern Folk’; see www.jennylysander.com/, shop.beatingdrumrecords.com/ & www.facebook.com/jennylysander)

22. French Dream (2:45) – Voice of Eye (Taken from the album ‘Immersion’; see www.voiceofeye.com/)

23. Nineveh (3:34) – David Byrne (Taken from the album The Forest; see davidbyrne.com/)

24. The Serpent & the Dove (7:26) – Lisa Gerrard (Taken from the album The Black Opal; see www.lisagerrard.com)

Thanks to all the musicians who contributed and to all listeners. Send me comments if you like what you hear (or even if you don’t… feedback is so important!). If you want to keep up to date with news about the show, EppyFest, or just chat with other listeners, don’t forget that there’s a Facebook group – just search for the Eppy Gibbon Podcast Show on Facebook and request to join, plus don’t forget that we’re now part of the Progzilla Radio Network. Eppy will be back for the next show so I hope you’ll come back for that.


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