Episode 140: Swedish Special

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This is the 140th edition of the Epileptic Gibbon podcast music show and the playlist to accompany it. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. You can also listen via Mixcloud here. For this edition of the show we have a Swedish special, covering all the usual styles of music, but devoted mainly to music from bands and artists from the fine country of Sweden. The feature album, ‘Think Like A Mountain’ by Ritual, reflects this & there will be three tracks from it. Below you’ll find the track list, plus weblinks to where you can find more information about each artist.

Total running time: 2 hours and 10 minutes. Downloaded file is 119.1 MB.

1. On (2:59) – Ritual (Taken from the album ‘Think Like A Mountain’; see www.ritual.se/Ritual_Official_Web/Home.html)

2. Sweden (3:26) – The Divine Comedy (Taken from the album ‘Fin De Siecle; see www.thedivinecomedy.com/ & www.facebook.com/pages/The-Divine-Comedy/288798654027)

3. Midnight (6:02) – Frequency Drift (Taken from the album ‘Summer; see www.frequencydrift.com/, frequencydrift.bandcamp.com & www.facebook.com/pages/Frequency-Drift/102874549797611)

4. Comes Near, Lingers Far (8:24) – Liquid Scarlet (Taken from the album ‘Liquid Scarlet I; the band don’t appear to exist anymore & there’s no band website but for more information see www.rockprog.com/02_Interviews/LiquidScarlet.aspx)

As part of the feature, ‘The 80s Weren’t All Rubbish You Know!’ …

5. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (3:34) – ABBA (Taken from the album The Visitors; see www.abbasite.com/ & www.facebook.com/ABBA)

6. Gasoline (5:56) – Paatos (Taken from the album Kallocain; see www.paatos.com/soundcloud.com/paatos-official & www.facebook.com/Paatos.of.Sweden)

7. I Feel The Dark (6:38) – Opeth (Taken from the album ‘Heritage; see www.opeth.com/home/ & www.facebook.com/Opeth)

8. Astroboy (4:33) – Testbild! (Taken from the album ‘Where Did This Begin? A Testbild! Retrospective 2000-2012; see www.testbild.org/index.php, testbild.bandcamp.com/ & www.facebook.com/pages/Testbild/94350211151)

9. Infinite Justice (6:36) – Ritual (Taken from the album ‘Think Like A Mountain’; see www.ritual.se/Ritual_Official_Web/Home.html)

10. Colouring of Pigeons (11:01) – The Knife In Collaboration with Mt. Sims & Planningtorock (Taken from the album ‘Tomorrow, In A Year’; see rabidrecords.com/tomorrowinayear/, theknife.net/ & www.facebook.com/theknifemusic)

11. Moonstone (4:08) – Thoby Loth (Taken from the album ‘Cauldron Of Life’; see itunes.apple.com/us/album/cauldron-of-life/id572928084 & www.facebook.com/pages/Thoby-Loth/15655599322)

12. Pike Bubbles (3:04) – The Cardigans (Taken from the Rise & Shine single; see www.cardigans.com/?sid=default&bfs=1 & www.facebook.com/TheCardigansofficial)

13. Sorgmantel (12:06) – Änglagård (Taken from the album ‘Viljans Oga; see www.anglagardrecords.com/, www.anglagard.net/ & www.facebook.com/anglagardrecords)

14. Walk Here (3:17) – Mats/Morgan (Taken from the album [schack tati]; see www.cuneiformrecords.com/bandshtml/matsmorgan.html, www.morganagren.com/ & cuneiformrecords.bandcamp.com/album/schack-tati)

15. Arbat (5:56) – Tonbruket (Taken from the album ‘Nubium Swimtrip’; see tonbruket.se/)

16. Journey (7:39) – Agents Of Mercy (Taken from the album Dramarama; see www.agentsofmercy.com/)

17. On Falling (4:10) – Stina Nordenstam (Taken from the album ‘The World Is Saved’; see pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/5909-the-world-is-saved/ & www.facebook.com/pages/Stina-Nordenstam/155962937816805)

18. Barrikad (3:09) – Testbild! (Taken from the album ‘Barrikad′; see www.testbild.org/index.php, testbild.bandcamp.com/ & www.facebook.com/pages/Testbild/94350211151)

19. Deuce (3:32) – The Cardigans (Taken from the album ‘The X-Files: The Album; see www.cardigans.com/?sid=default&bfs=1 & www.facebook.com/TheCardigansofficial)

20. Off (2:17) – Ritual (Taken from the album ‘Think Like A Mountain’; see www.ritual.se/Ritual_Official_Web/Home.html)

Thanks, as always, to everyone involved with this show, musicians and listeners alike. Please leave a comment if you like what you hear (or even if you don’t… feedback is so important!) or if you want to have your say on anything else connected to this podcast. If you want to keep up to date with news about this podcast, EppyFest, or just chat with other listeners, don’t forget that there’s a Facebook group – just search for the Eppy Gibbon Podcast Show on Facebook and request to join. The next two shows will be presented by Daniel & Rebsie from Alchymical Muse, with their own unique take on the styles of music we cover, so I hope you’ll come back for those.



  1. geir said,

    3. Midnight (6:02) – Frequency Drift is obviously a german band….can`t find any swedish connection ?

    • epilepticgibbon said,

      No, you’re quite right, they are German, but if you listen to the show I explain that I feel stylistically they draw more from the sound of certain Swedish prog bands than they do German ones. To be honest, I was also looking for a sneaky excuse to play them on the show, but I had noted their sound reminded me of some Swedish bands.

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