Episode 71: Toy Trap

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This is the 71st edition of the Epileptic Gibbon podcast music show and the playlist to accompany it. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. This show is fairly standard in nature – lots of great and eclectic music – though we’re also looking ahead to Roast Fest, on Saturday November 12th. Partly to reflect this, the feature album is ‘Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat’ by the band Knifeworld who are headlining the event, plus there will be tracks by other acts on the bill and the usual diverse selection of styles and genres, including prog rock, electronica, intelligent pop and all sorts of other weird & wonderful music. Below you’ll find the track list, plus weblinks from where you can find more information about each artist.

Total running time: 2 hours and 12 minutes. Downloaded file is 121.6 MB.

1. Slyrex (7:22) – Fjokra (Currently available to listen to on their Facebook & ReverbNation pages; see www.reverbnation.com/fjokra & www.facebook.com/pages/Fjokra/320079785001)

2. Could This Be Home (4:43) – Susan Cowsill (Taken from the album, ‘Lighthouse’; see http://susancowsill.com/)

3. Severed of Horsehoof (6:20) – Knifeworld (Taken from the album ‘Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat’; see www.knifeworld.co.uk/, www.facebook.com/knifeworld, & www.thegenepool.co.uk/artists/KNIFEWORLD.htm)

4. Concubine Waltz (3:29) – Sunday Driver (Taken from the forthcoming album ‘The Mutiny’, plus you can buy this track now from sundaydriver.bandcamp.com/album/concubine-waltz; see also www.sundaydriver.co.uk/ & www.facebook.com/sundaydrivermusic)

5. Sunburst (4:03) – Common Swift (Taken from the album ‘These Safe Homes’; see commonswiftband.com/ & www.facebook.com/pages/Common-Swift/75132137487)

6. Celebrate the Sun (4:30) – Tony Patterson (Taken from the EP, ‘All The World’; see www.tonypatterson.co.uk/, www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TonyPatterson & www.myspace.com/tonyrpatterson)

7. Something I Don’t Know (2:53) – Sara Lowes (This track is available as a free download via Sara’s website and it’s also taken from the album ‘Back To Creation’; see www.saralowes.co.uk/backtocreation/page.html & www.facebook.com/SaraLowesMusic)

8. Morning Grid (2:23) – Auragami (Taken from the ‘Morning GridEP; see auragami.tumblr.com/)

9. Pulsating to the Wrong Conclusion (4:10) –  Soiled (Taken from the ‘Mind Creeps Body Sleeps’ album; see soundcloud.com/soiled/sets/mindcreeps & www.facebook.com/pages/Soiled-music-uk/126065577445815)

10. No More Dying (4:10) – Knifeworld (Taken from the album ‘Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat’; see www.knifeworld.co.uk/, www.facebook.com/knifeworld, & www.thegenepool.co.uk/artists/KNIFEWORLD.htm)

11. Thank You (2:32) – Daniel Staniforth & Rebsie Fairholm (Taken from the album Ruins: Poems By Margaret Randall’; see www.skylightpress.co.uk/, www.flowforth.com/#Sales, www.rebsiefairholm.co.uk/, & lunatrick.bandcamp.com/album/ruins-poems-of-margaret-randall)

12. Rhiannon (4:00) – Band of Rain (Taken from the album ‘Sun In VIII’; see www.bandofrain.com/home.html, www.cdbaby.com/Artist/BandofRain & www.facebook.com/pages/Band-of-Rain/102999469735644)

13. Woman With Child (5:39) – Jeff Green (Taken from the album ‘Jessica’; see web.mac.com/jeffrgreen/Jeff_Green/Jessica.html, www.facebook.com/pages/Jeff-Green-Official/181935641858756, & jeffgreen.bandcamp.com/)

14. Rusty (3:01) – Matt Stevens (Taken from the album ‘Relic’; see www.mattstevensguitar.com/, www.facebook.com/mattstevensloop & mattstevens.bandcamp.com/)

15. Truth Be Told (4:55) – Redbus Noface (Taken from the album ‘#1 If It Fights The Hammer It Will Fight The Knife’; see www.markcawthra.com/redbusnoface/default.html & www.thegenepool.co.uk/artists/REDBUS+NOFACE.htm)

You can see Knifeworld, Matt Stevens and Redbus Noface at Roast Fest (November, 12th, 2011, at the Unicorn on Camden Road, London, NW1 9AA – see www.thegenepool.co.uk/items/769.htm & www.facebook.com/theunicorncamden).

16. The Black Pampas (3:51) – To Arms Etc (Taken from the album ‘To Arms Etc’; see www.toarmsetc.com/ & www.facebook.com/toarmsetc)

17. Scared To Capsize (4:55) – She Makes War (Taken from the album ‘Disarm’; see www.shemakeswar.com/, shemakeswar.bandcamp.com/ & www.facebook.com/SheMakesWar)

18. Mobile Foes (4:36) – Ochre (Taken from the album Early Learning’; see ochremusic.com/, ochre.bandcamp.com/album/early-learning, & www.facebook.com/ochremusic)

19. Voices (6:24) – Mars Hollow (Taken from the album ‘World In Front Of Me’; see www.marshollow.com/, 10trecords.com/artists/genres/progressive-experimental/mars-hollow/mars-hollow-discography/ & www.facebook.com/MarsHollow)

20. Me to the Future of You (8:39) Knifeworld (Taken from the album ‘Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat’; see www.knifeworld.co.uk/, www.facebook.com/knifeworld, & www.thegenepool.co.uk/artists/KNIFEWORLD.htm)

21. Distant Dreams (6:46) Paradise 9 (Taken from the ‘State of the Nation’ EP; see www.paradise9.net/ & www.facebook.com/pages/Paradise-9/73323509813)

Thanks to all the musicians whose music I played on the show and thanks to all you listeners too. Please leave a comment if you like what you hear (or even if you don’t… feedback is so important!). I’ve no idea when the next show will be, but I’m hoping to fit two or three eppysodes in before the end of the year, including a special festive edition. But before then I hope to see lots of you at Roast Fest!

BTW, thanks to regular listener Tony Owen there is now an App for the Eppy Gibbon podcast show: to find it just type ‘Epileptic Gibbon App’ into Google… & don’t forget you can contribute to and comment on shows via the Eppy Gibbon Facebook group.


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  1. Cynthia said,

    Really enoyed this one, and totally looking forward to more from Susan Cowsill and her “relations” Glasgow. Wish I could have made Roast Fest work for me, but at least there will be more room for the rest of you in Camden with me in New York.

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