Episode 53: The Springers

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This is the 53rd edition of the Epileptic Gibbon podcast music show and the blog entry to accompany it. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. After last time’s extremely popular show, which featured an interview with the mighty Kavus Torabi, I’m back with one of my ‘normal’ shows so there will be lots of music from assorted artists, some new to the show plus several old favourites. The feature album this time around is ‘British Summer Time’ by Sundae Club and there will be three tracks from that – the perfect album with which to see out the summer. You’ll also hear a diverse selection of music from genres such prog rock, chamber pop, jazz, cinematic rock and virtually everything else in between from the US, Germany, Canada, and the UK. Below you’ll find the track list, plus weblinks from where you can find more information about each artist.

Total running time: 1 hour and 58 minutes. Downloaded file is 108 MB.

1. Ending (3:46) – Daniel Carlson (Taken from the album ‘Aviary Jackson; see www.danielcarlson.com/, www.myspace.com/dcarlsonmusic, www.folkwit.com/carlson.htm & www.groundlift.org/Daniel_Carlson)

2. War With Love (3:32) – Louise Le May (Taken from the mini-album ‘Tell Me One Thing That Is New’; see louiselemay.com/, www.folkwit.com/lemay.htm & www.myspace.com/louiselemay)

3. Adults (5:22) – Calle Debauche (Taken from the album ‘Potemkin Carnival’; see calledebauche.com/index.php & www.myspace.com/debaucherystreet)

4. Lines On The Horizon (5:48) – Argos (Taken from the album ‘Circles’; see www.myspace.com/returntowhatever & www.musearecords.com/ext_re_new_releaseselect.php?np=36914)

5. Honey Bee (3:58) – Sundae Club (Taken from the album British Summer Time; see sundaeclub.bandcamp.com/ & www.myspace.com/sundaeclub)

6. Eleven (2:35) – Matt Stevens (Taken from the album ‘Ghost’; see mattstevensguitar.com/ & www.facebook.com/mattstevensloop)

7. Draw (3:40) – Matt Stevens (Taken from the album ‘Ghost’; see mattstevensguitar.com/ & www.facebook.com/mattstevensloop)

8. My Star (4:23) – Creedy (Taken from the ‘Holyground Progressions Series Sampler’; see www.myspace.com/creedymusic & www.holyground.co.uk/)

9. Conscious Dream (5:16) – Rob Martino (Taken from the album ‘One Cloud’; see robmartino.com/ & www.myspace.com/robmartino)

10. London to Shanghai via Chipping Norton (5:01) – Sundae Club (Taken from the album British Summer Time; see sundaeclub.bandcamp.com/ & www.myspace.com/sundaeclub)

11. Spread It All Around (5:31) – The Hipstones (Taken from the album ‘Dreamers’; see www.thehipstones.com.au/ & www.myspace.com/thehipstones)

12. Nothingness First Part II, Love (2:53) – Asaf Sirkis & The Inner Noise (Taken from the album ‘The Song Within; see www.asafsirkis.co.uk/inner.html & www.myspace.com/asafsirkis)

13. Other Stars And Planets (6:45) – Asaf Sirkis Trio (Taken from the album ‘Letting Go; see www.asafsirkis.co.uk/ & www.myspace.com/asafsirkis)

14. The Art Of Earth (4:16) – All Over Everywhere (Taken from the album ‘Inner Firmaments Decay; see www.cdbaby.com/cd/allovereverywhere & www.myspace.com/allovereverywherecp)

15. Timshel (5:21) – Godsticks (Taken from the album ‘Spiral Vendetta’; see godsticks.co.uk/ & www.myspace.com/godsticksmusic)

16. DISTRAKTid (4:48) – 5th Projekt (Taken from the album ‘CiRCADiAN’; see 5thprojekt.com/main/ & www.myspace.com/5thprojekt)

17. The Emperor’s Clothes (6:01) – Spock’s Beard (Taken from the album ‘X; see www.spocksbeard.com/ & www.myspace.com/spocksbeard)

18. Flight Four: India (6:20) – Sundae Club (Taken from the album British Summer Time; see sundaeclub.bandcamp.com/ & www.myspace.com/sundaeclub)

19. Violet, White, Lilac Lily (7:49) – Ian Neal (Taken from the album All in the Golden Afternoon; see www.ianneal.com/ & www.myspace.com/ianneal)

Thanks to all the musicians who let me play their music and thanks to all you listeners too. Send me comments if you like what you hear (or even if you don’t… feedback is so important!). If you’re having problems listening to the show then the easiest solution is to download it via podcatching software such as iTunes, or a download manager like DownThemAll! The next episode will consist of an interview with Matt Baber and Joff Winks (they of Antique Seeking Nuns, Joff Winks Band, Numbient, and now Sanguine Hum) so expect interesting chat and excellent music.



  1. Yves said,

    Enjoyed very much, this episode as well. A great selection of artists and songs.

    Very rich, attractive show.

    Thanks and all the best.

    • epilepticgibbon said,

      Cheers again!

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