Episode 18: The Prisoner’s Dilemma

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Well, here we are at the eighteenth edition of the Epileptic Gibbon Podcast Music Show. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. This particular show contains about two hours of music by independent and small label artists from the UK, the US, Australia, Israel and Canada, covering genres such as prog rock, post rock, esoteric pop, ambient, IDM, chill-out, art rock, power pop, psychedelic rock, psych folk and virtually everything in between. This month’s feature CD is ‘Virtually Handsewn’ by Pia Silvi and there are three tracks from that, plus we also have new music from Mercury Rev and a competition where you can win a copy of Rebsie Fairholm’s ‘Mind The Gap’ album. Below you’ll find the track list, plus weblinks from where you can find more information about each artist.

Total running time:  2 hours and 32 minutes. Downloaded file is 139.1 MB.

1. Got A Nerve (3:31) – Greg Jong (Taken from the EP ‘Ever Present Annoyance’; see www.myspace.com/gregjongmusic)

2. Run(t) (3:08) – Auragami (Taken from his self-titled EP; see www.myspace.com/auragami)

3. Tunguska (6:33) – Birds And Buildings (Taken from the album ‘Bantam to Behemoth’ ; see www.myspace.com/birdsandbuildings)

4. A Boy and A River (6:11) – Pia Silvi (Taken from the album ‘Virtually Handsewn’; see www.piasilvi.com or http://cdbaby.com/cd/piasilvi)

5. A skunk stole the moon (3:18) – Jarvi (Can be heard on their MySpace page; see www.myspace.com/jarviband)

6. Lost Summer of Love (3:40) – The Trudy (Was available as a single and can also be found on the band’s latest single ‘3 Minutes 4U’ ; see www.thetrudy.co.uk or www.myspace.com/thetrudy)

7. Sterile World (4:13) – Kontakte (Taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies’; see www.kontaktemusic.com or www.myspace.com/kontakteuk)

8. See For Miles (4:37) – +1 (Taken from the EP ‘1000 Satellites’ ; see www.precognitiverecords.com or www.myspace.com/precognitivemusic)

9. This Quiet Earth (4:02) – Stig (Taken from the album ‘Biodiversity’ ; see www.stigmusic.com/biodiversity.htm)

10. Poison in the Well (5:16) – Jo Gabriel (Taken from the album ‘Fools and Orphans’ ; see www.myspace.com/jogabriel or www.jogabriel.com)

11. A Night In Crakow (5:47) – Pia Silvi (Taken from the album ‘Virtually Handsewn’; see www.piasilvi.com or http://cdbaby.com/cd/piasilvi)

12. Violations (3:45) – The Oscillation (Taken from the album ‘Out of Phase’ ; see www.myspace.com/theoscillations)

13. Walk (5:22) – Damon Shulman (Taken from the album ‘Vultures and Sheep’ ; see www.damonshulman.co.uk or www.gentlegiantmusic.com)

14. Just Another Groove On A Forty-Five (6:23) – Antiqcool (Taken from the album ‘Songs of Hope and Despair’ ; see www.antiqcool.co.uk)

Don’t forget to check out poligraf.wordpress.com/the-plan for more details about funding the debut Poligraf album.

15. Rural War Room (TSF Supersonic Remix) (3:01) – Rural War Room (Taken from their self-titled EP; see www.myspace.com/ruralwarroomrecords)

16. Do’u (2:38) – Retro Electro (Can be heard on his MySpace page; see www.myspace.com/shalvas)

17. 30% (2:24) – Project Serendipity (Taken from the album ‘Linear Lullabies’ ; see www.myspace.com/projectserendipity or buy the album via www.roughtrade.com/site/shop_detail.lasso?search_type=sku&sku=299247 though at the time of writing it appears to be unavailable or out of stock)

18. The End Or Near (5:19) – All India Radio (Taken from the album ‘Fall’ ; see www.myspace.com/allindiaradio or cdbaby.com/cd/allindiaradio9)

19. Friday’s Child (2:57) – The Rollo Treadway (Taken from the band’s self-titled album; see www.therollotreadway.com or cdbaby.com/cd/rollotreadway)

20. Jodrell Bank (3:48) – Alpha Seven (Taken from the album ‘Space’ ; see www.sofacom.co.uk or www.myspace.com/alphaseven)

21. They Are Only Avatars (5:00) – Pia Silvi (Taken from the album ‘Virtually Handsewn’; see www.piasilvi.com or http://cdbaby.com/cd/piasilvi)

22. Bradford’s Big Boatride [Beyond (The Dawn)] (4:21) – Make A Rising (Taken from the album ‘Infinite Ellipse And Head With Open Fontanel’; see www.tonewplanet.com/MAR.html or www.myspace.com/makearising)

23. The Projectionist (3:43) – Braintoy (Taken from the album ‘Vehicles’; see www.braintoy.net/ or www.myspace.com/braintoy)

24. Angkezarke (3:41) – Big Block 454 (Taken from the album ‘Bratislava’; see www.myspace.com/bigblock454uk or cdbaby.com/cd/bigblock454)

25. Mr Ladybird (demo) (3:28) – Lily Green (Likely to appear on Lily’s forthcoming second CD; see www.lilygreen.org/ or www.myspace.com/lilygreenartist)

26. In My Heart, A Strange Attractor (5:27) – Mercury Rev (Taken from the album ‘Strange Attractor’ ; see www.mercuryrev.com)

27. Spirits Of The Dead (2:19) – Rebsie Fairholm (Taken from the album ‘Mind The Gap’; see www.rebsiefairholm.co.uk or www.myspace.com/rebsiefairholm)

Don’t forget to take part in the competition to win a copy of ‘Mind The Gap’.

Big thanks to all the artists and listeners who make this show possible. And do drop me a comment and let me know what you think! Feedback is always welcome. And do pop back at the end of October for a spooky Halloween special.



  1. Minebine said,

    I was hanging around here for the last days … waiting for the new podcast to come ;-) and it’s a nice one – THANKX

  2. poligraf said,

    Poligraf thanks you for your ongoing support !

    Best to you Ian !

  3. slumbering said,

    Like your other shows, this is so nicely put together. Some that stand out for me… the first song, by Greg Jong, which has a fun energy and also, Friday’s Child by The Rollo Treadway – such a cool song. Both have a 60s-ish sound behind them that i like so much. The Trudy’s Lost Summer of Love is also fantastic. I have to mention Poison in the Well, Jo Gabriel’s voice is so expressive and yes, as you mentioned, very like Kate Bush. All of Pia Silvi’s songs that you featured are lovely, but i think my favorite of hers is They Are Only Avatars. What an absolutely enchantingly beautiful song! Lily Green’s Mr. Ladybird is wonderfully sweet and touching, i love this. Violations, by The Oscillations, is charged and addicting, for me. I also enjoyed Big Block 454 and Mercury Rev very much. Rebsie Fairholm’s Spirits of the Dead is always a treat and a nice ending to the show. Thanks, Eppy.

  4. DRIFTING FALLING RECORDINGS » “Sterile World” featured on The Epileptic Gibbon said,

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